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Welcome to Sea Glass Art by
Mary Lou Powers


I love collecting sea glass and have been doing it for many years. It is so relaxing and soothing to the soul. One of the most unique and beautiful souvenirs you can find while walking on a seaside or lakeside beach is a colorful treasure of sea glass polished and cured by the waves. Sea or beach glass fragments come in the most amazing rainbow of colors, from frosty white and pale blue to blazing red and deep green and are the product of man-made debris tumbled on the ocean or lake beaches for years, eventually ending up being found on beaches all over the World. Beach glass /sea glass, like other beach combing finds, is used by craftsman and artists to produce pleasing objects that may be for personal use or for sale. Recently featured in Beachcombing Magazine as one of their interviewed artist in the Nov/Dec 2019 edition. A very humbling experience. Also, I have been interviewed twice on 6ABC news.  I am the only artist in the country who does my kind of artwork, which has been described as “painting with glass”.

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I create very detailed mosaic, mixed media art.  All are signed originals and never duplicated.  Items used to create my artwork include genuine, surf tumbled, sea glass found on beaches by either myself or friends from all around the World, along with other mixed media that incorporates more than one type of physical material to produce my finished artwork.   A high quality UV Art Resin is applied to the surface for preservation and dusting abilities.  It will never yellow from the sun or crack in the cold.  I use custom made Floater Frames that roughly measure, 15 x 15 x 3 inches and weigh roughly 5 lbs. The frame size allows you many options to display your artwork.  Picture hangers are attached so it can be hung on a wall; can be placed  in a low easel to be used in various places like a window, table, fireplace; or hung in a window as a sun catcher with a chain.   

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Mary Lou Powers' art work is unique. I have never seen anything like it. The feature (for me) is its transparency. I have #2 "The Flapper". I purchased it after seeing it in person and falling in love with it. It sits on my piano and when the sun shines through the window behind it's as if it lights up all by itself. The fact that Mary Lou uses sea glass to create her art work is hard for me to even know how she does it. She also made another picture for me #40 "Wonder Woman". The detail is amazing. Lyn Vernon

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